With meticulous work, Randall uncovers the lost techniques of the early American masters of furniture making. Specializing in 18th Century Early American Furniture Reproductions, Randall uses hand tools to carefully craft outstanding examples of rare masterpieces.

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"My carefully made versions of Early American Furniture are an alternative to rare and costly antique masterpieces. Eighteenth Century American Cabinetmakers developed the epitome of form and craftsmanship, through respect and knowledge of classic architecture. They also developed hand tool skills to the highest level. And certainly they used some incredible materials.Our pieces will age gracefully the just like the antiques and develop the same patina and presence over time, using similar wide boards and pre industrial construction. It is my intention to make pieces of equal merit." - Randall O'Donnell

Upcoming Events

Fearless Furniture at the Indiana State Museum - Oct. 5, 2013 - May. 27, 2014


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